Sample Simulation Projects

One of the fastest ways to learn what can be done with the VisualBots simulator is to work with the sample simulation projects that are included with VisualBots for Excel. To run a sample project click on the Import Project button, select a sample project, and then click on the Play button. To view and edit the simulation code, click on the View Code button. Descriptions of some of the sample projects are provided below.


This simulation creates colorful spiral patterns with rotating Bot objects of different sizes. The input parameters can be modified to vary the patterns. This example demonstrates the powerful color management functionality of VisualBots.

Wave on a Rope

This project simulates a wave propagating along a rope. One end of the rope is tethered to the right side of the simulator, and the other end is moved up and down to generate the wave.

Mandelbrot Explorer

This project explores the Mandelbrot fractal. The simulation will create an interface for saving and managing window parameters - a good example of leveraging the power of Excel.

Sierpinski Fractal

This project generates a Sierpinski Fractal. The code is remarkably simple yet the results are quite complex.


This project simulates a solar system consisting of a star and 3 planets. The project is a good example of how the appropriate selection of coordinate system scaling and angle units (degrees or radians) can simplify coding a simulation.

Game of Life

This project is a cellular automata simulation called Conway's Game of Life. The example demonstrates the use of user-defined properties called Tag objects.

Fractal Tree

This project generates a Fractal Tree. The code is remarkably simple yet the results are quite complex. The example demonstrates the use of the Colortable object to apply various shades of color to a simulation.

Traveling Salesman - Optimization Algorithms

This project explores methods to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). Three nature-inspired algorithms are included in the sample projects: Simulated Annealing, the Genetic Algorithm, and the Ant Colony Algorithm.


This is a simulation based on Craig Reynolds's flocking model called Boids. This VisualBots project is a good example of how Viewfields (interaction spaces) work, how to produce fading trails, the use of Tag objects to store user defined property information, and the use of the OnMouseMove event.


This project simulates populations competing for survival. Competition is based on the childhood game known as "Rock, Paper, Scissors". The simulation is a good example of the powerful use of object collections.

Sorting with Ants

This project simulates ant sorting behaviors. The simulation is a good example of Cell and Bot object interaction.

Game of Tag

This project simulates a friendly game of tag between a spider and an ant. Designed by a 12-year old.


This project simulates a fireworks display.